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I came across Ruba while randomly browsing through Instagram and I am so glad that I did. There are a lot of fitness influencers on IG, but what I like about Ruba is that fitness isn’t all she preaches. She influences people to have a more positive mindset. Especially during these quarantine times, her stories really help stay sane and positive. Her food recipes are awesome and make it easier to eat healthy and happy unlike those extreme diets like keto and others. Lastly, I admire her spirituality and the connection to her faith. It’s so easy to sometimes forget about our roots and get lost in the world but watching her balance it all together in the most elegant way possible is so inspiring. Following her has surely made a lot of improvements in my life. My workouts are better and stronger. My mindset overall has changed, staying more positive. The best thing she’s teaching us all is to trust the process and be patient with ourselves. Small steps in the right direction make all the difference. She truly is an epitome of Strength and positivity.