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About Ruba

Ruba Ali is a Certified Personal Trainer and Public Figure who has dedicated her life to changing lives by sharing her creative workouts, life experiences, and words of wisdom.

She’s reached millions of people and has inspired hundreds of thousands of women worldwide. In her early teenage years, Ruba saw an opportunity to improve her health and excel beyond the norm of “women shouldn’t be in fitness”. Despite the lack of support and resources available to her, she invested her time learning about the human body & how the mind influences how we shape our thoughts & habits.

Ruba’s philosophy of fitness follows an “inside-out” approach.

“You must first change your mind and start with a positive outlook
in order to achieve a happy, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle.”

Ruba’s Mission

To empower women around the world to feel confident, healthy and strong from the inside-out through the practice of fitness and mindfulness.