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Prior to the Jump Start 12 week program, I didn’t know what I was doing at the gym. Therefore, I preferred taking classes that my gym offered, such as body+abs, Zumba, spin, but didn’t see change in my strength and weight. After beginning the program, I became comfortable in what I was doing at the gym because of the step by step instructions and images provided within the program. I quickly saw a change in my body after just 4 weeks. I was finally able to fit comfortably into my pants that I hadn’t worn in 2 years. I’ve never felt so healthy and strong, and I know that I will continue to get stronger by following Ruba’s workouts in the program. She modified the workouts for me when needed. Throughout the course of the program, Ruba reached out to me for updates on my progress and any questions I might have. Ruba’s support, motivation, and dedication toward her clients reaching their goals is a characteristic every trainer needs. She really is a caring, driven trainer who knows what she’s doing!