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When I decided to buy Ruba’s workout program…WOW, did I see results!! I am not just saying that, I truly meant it and saw it. This is because I am not one to invest in influencers. Growing up I was not the thinnest which made me insecure about my weight until now. Because of her workout program, constant uplifting words and messages, sharing of her own life, and most importantly fitness journey, I wake up every day knowing I am a stronger person who can overcome things in life that seem impossible. I tried doing my own workouts and felt like I was not doing much. However, I believe Ruba caught my attention because of her work ethic, genuine energy, and selfless connection with others wanting the best for them. I am extremely grateful to have come across Ruba because she has significantly impacted my fitness journey through knowledge, her workout program, nutrition, self-love, and anything else life can throw at us. The past few years I have worked to be healthier and I can tell you I am at my best as of now, and plan on working to get better each day. Thank you Ruba!!!